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Testosterone gel 1% containing the steroid, testosterone. The drug is commonly used in medicine as hormone replacement therapy as it helps to treat men with Hypogonadism. It is able to increase testosterone levels by applying the gel to the skin.

Effectiveness of the Gel

Testosterone gel shares the same benefits as other forms of the steroid. With proper execution, you can receive a more uniform concentration of testosterone in your blood, improve your mood, improve your sleep pattern, increase your energy and motivation, improve your sexual functions, decrease the resorption of bone tissue, improve your immune system and increase your tissue repair.

Using Testosterone gel

The benefits of the gel is that it is well tolerated by most people and is painless to use. It should be applied early in the day in order to allow the body to absorb the gel throughout the day. This helps the gel to be slowly released into the bloodstream creating a uniform concentration in the blood throughout use. It is recommended to apply the gel after showering since, to gain the maximum effects of the drug, your pores must be clean. You should then wait a minimum of 5 minutes before dressing to allow the gel to dry first.

Everyone should start with a daily dose of 5g (1 sachet) of testosterone gel in order to assess their tolerance. The dose can then be increased up to a maximum of 30g (6 sachets) per day if no side effects are felt.

Side effects

Just like any other form of testosterone, side effects are possible with the use of testosterone gel. The most common of which is the suppression of natural testosterone production so post-cycle therapy is highly advised to restore this. Other side effects include increased blood pressure, hypertrophy of the prostate, hair loss, gynecomastia, accumulation of fluid in the body, raised harmful cholesterol level, aggression and irritability. It is always advised to consult with a specialist in order to determine if you have any contraindications to using any drug.

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